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Preventive care is key

Regular dental exams and professional cleanings are the best way to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. While at-home care is essential, dental cleanings remove the sticky plaque and tartar that contribute to cavities, decay, and gum disease. Our thorough dental exams help catch decay and disease in the early stages when it can be treated quickly and easily.

Our exams and cleanings are designed with your lifelong health and wellness in mind.

At the Locust Valley Dentists, Dr. Adrianne Koster is known for her skillful, modern, and gentle approach. Her focus is on prevention, education, and helping patients get the most out of each visit to her office. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from your dental exam and cleaning at the Locust Valley Dentists.

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At the Locust Valley Dentists, your dental exam and cleaning includes...

1. Thorough and gentle cleaning and polishing of your teeth.

2. Removal of plaque deposits to reduce your risk of tooth decay.
3. Tips on how to brush and floss effectively at home.
4. Full exam of your teeth and gum for signs of decay and disease.
5. Quick and non-invasive oral cancer screening and bite alignment analysis.
6. Time with your dentist to ask questions and create a treatment plan.
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How often do I need an exam and cleaning?

Patients with healthy teeth and gums will benefit the most from 2 dental exams and cleanings every year. If you have periodontal disease or other concerns, we may recommend more frequent exams and cleanings to ensure your long-term health.

How long will my dental exam and cleaning take?

Expect your exam and cleaning to take about an hour — maybe a little more if it’s your first visit to the Locust Valley Dentists.

What’s the difference between a cleaning and a deep cleaning?

Deep cleanings are generally recommended for those who either have or are at high risk of gum disease. A deep cleaning removes bacteria beyond the gumline while our standard cleanings focus on the gumline and the surfaces of your teeth.

Will my cleaning be covered by insurance?

It’s impossible to know for sure without looking into the details of your specific plan. However, most plans are the most generous when covering preventive care like a cleaning and exam. With many PPO insurance plans, the out-of-pocket cost is very low and often $0.

Meet your dentist

While working at top dental practices in Manhattan, Dr. Adrianne Koster developed a unique approach to dental care. She combines modern technology with a gentle touch to provide dental exams that are thorough and promote long-term health and wellness. She has been named a “Top New York Dentist” each year since 2016 because of her:


  • Attention to detail and skill
  • Warm, caring, and attentive approach to patient care
  • Emphasis on comfort and satisfaction 
  • Continued study of the latest dental technology
  • Passion for changing lives
    meet your dental exam dentist at locust valley dentists new york

    Is Locust Valley Dentists right for you?

    At Locust Valley Dentists, our patients always come first. We begin every appointment by listening to you. You’re encouraged to share any concerns about how your smile looks or feels.

    As part of your dental exam, we’ll talk about:

    • How gum disease and tooth decay contribute to heart disease and other ailments
    • How to pick the right toothbrush and how to use it properly
    • Whether it makes sense to fill small cavities right away or to take a wait-and-see approach

    If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, don’t worry. The dentists and hygienists at Locust Valley Dentists are known for being gentle, warm, and friendly. We offer our patients eyewear, headphones, soothing music, aromatherapy, and blankets to decrease anxiety during treatment. This will be the most relaxing and comfortable dental experience of your life.


    • Convenient office hours to fit the busiest schedules


    • There’s never any stress or judgment here


    • Our modern, calm, and relaxing office is one of a kind


    • Learn how dental exams can improve your health

    No Insurance? No problem.

    Even if you don’t have dental insurance, you can still get the healthy smile you’ve always wanted! At Locust Valley Dentists, we work with our patients and offer a variety of financing options. Wondering how much your dental exam and cleaning will cost? We’re here to answer all of your questions.

    Insurance & Financing

    For your exam, our office is able to work with many PPO insurance providers.

    Our friendly front office team will help you file your claim and maximize your insurance benefits. If you don’t see your provider listed or if you have questions about payment options, contact our office to learn more.

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    " Dr. Koster is a great dentist who is patient, attentive, and gentle.  She took the time to explain every treatment option available and made sure that all of my questions and concerns were addressed. The staff is very friendly and always willing to work around my schedule.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Koster for your dental care. "

    - Jeniza K.

    I love this office! Dr Koster knows what she’s doing and has great staff that are friendly and professional! What I appreciate the most is her attention to detail, looking out for my best interest and letting me know what’s happening with my health so I can take better care of myself. This Doctor is truly someone who cares about her patients!!! "

    - Renee S.

    Dr. Adrianne Koster is Amazing! She is caring, gentle, extremely personable, and provides exceptional dentistry. The staff is very professional and nice. Thank you! I love my new smile. "

    - Maria G.

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