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Meet Dr. Koster

Dr. Adrianne Koster helps her patients achieve beautiful, healthy, and confident smiles. That’s the focus and goal of her dental practice at Locust Valley Dentists. She’s won many awards throughout her distinguished career and is known for her attention to detail and skillful approach to high-tech dental treatments. Her patients will learn about their dental health and all of the dental treatments available to them.

She is a graduate of The State University at Stony Brook Dental School and completed a General Practice Residency at the Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, NY where she treated an underserved community and developed her clinical skills. During her early career, she worked at several prestigious Manhattan practices where she developed her unique patient-first approach to general dentistry.

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The doctors and staff at this office are amazing! Some of the nicest people you can hope to meet, and the dental work that I received was phenomenal. The office is inviting, and the care that is taken to make sure things are done correctly is top tier. Great experience. "

- Roger V.

"Dr. Koster has done extensive dental work for me over the years. She is both kind and caring. She is thorough in her work and takes the time to explain in detail what she is doing. Her compassionate nature has a calming effect during her work. "

-Thomas H.

Both my daughter and I have been patients of Dr Koster's and we couldn't be happier. She has a gentle demeanor and is super thorough. She shows genuine concern for our teeth and gives us advice on what to keep doing/do more of to keep them healthy. Her office staff are really nice too. I am grateful to be in their good hands. "

- Dawn C. 

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dental procedures are those designed to replace or repair damaged or missing teeth. Most people are familiar with at least one aspect of restorative dentistry, as fillings used to treat cavities are one aspect of restorative dentistry. Other restorative procedures include crowns, implants, and dental bridges.

Restorative Dentistry vs. Cosmetic Dentistry

The difference between cosmetic and restorative dentistry is essentially a matter of why the procedure is needed. Cosmetic procedures are driven by aesthetic reasons, where the patient’s mouth is generally healthy and they simply want a more appealing smile. Restorative dentistry is largely a medically necessary procedure that can involve helping improve the appearance of teeth, but that are used to improve tooth and mouth health after damage or decay.

What Types of Restorative Dentistry Does Dr. Koster Offer?

The method used to restore tooth appearance and function depends on the type of injury/damage and sometimes the patient’s preferences. At Locust Valley Dental, Dr. Koster is capable of solving all kinds of restorative dental needs, from fillings to implants.

Restorative Dentistry FAQs

Are crowns better than veneers?

Crowns cover the entire tooth, while veneers only cover the front of the tooth. The right option for you will vary depending on your needs and desired results.

Can cavities be restored?

Cavities in the early stages can generally be reversed. Some treatment options for cavities include fillings, inlays or onlays, crowns, and root canals.

Can enamel be repaired?

Damaged tooth enamel can not come back, but the tooth can be restored through remineralization processes or other restorative dentistry procedures.

How can I fix a gap in my front teeth without braces?

Some options to fix a gap without braces include Invisalign, bonding, veneers, and crowns.

How can I restore my teeth?

Some restorative dentistry procedures and options include bonding, crowns, veneers, dentures, bridges, or implants. During a consultation, Dr. Koster can explain the best option for your dental health needs.

How long do dental crowns last?

On average, a dental crown will last about 10-30 years if it is well cared for. This includes following appropriate dental hygiene practices and having regular appointments with your dentist.

How long does full mouth reconstruction take?

On average, a full mouth reconstruction, including oral surgeries, would take about six months to complete. This will vary depending on your specific needs. Dr. Koster will explain what you can expect during a consultation.

How long is dental restoration?

The dental restoration process may take as little as an hour for a single procedure up to several months to complete several procedures. Dr. Koster will explain what your treatment plan entails during a consultation.

How much does a dental inlay cost?

A dental inlay will cost, on average, between $250 and $1,500.

Is a dental crown considered restorative?

Typically, yes. Crowns are rarely used for cosmetic purposes, but rather for teeth that need more than just a filling, most often the molars.

Is teeth whitening considered restorative?

Not usually. Teeth whitening treatments largely fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry.

What dental procedures are considered cosmetic?

Any dental procedure that is solely intended to improve the appearance of the teeth, not your dental health, is considered cosmetic. This can include a range of treatments such as whitening, veneers, or Invisalign, depending on your needs.

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When teeth have been damaged slightly or appear discolored, but are generally in good shape, bonding can be used to improve their appearance. During this procedure, Dr. Koster applies a white putty to the tooth to restore the function and look of the damaged tooth. Bonding is known to chip and break relatively easily, but if this happens it is simple to replace with a quick visit to our office.


For more significantly damaged teeth, a crown may be needed to restore the tooth’s function. Crowns are often needed in scenarios of tooth decay or when teeth are weakened due to large cavities. Dental crowns can be metal, porcelain, or ceramic, depending on their location and extent. They are placed over the existing tooth and anchored using dental cement.

This procedure takes two appointments with a follow-up check to ensure the crown is secure and acting normally. In the first appointment with Dr. Koster, she will address any issues related to the tooth, take a scan or impression of the tooth to be replicated by the crown, then gently reduce the size of the tooth. The crown takes a while to be made, so a temporary crown will be placed at the first appointment, which will be replaced with the permanent crown at the second.

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For those who have lost teeth, whether to injury, aging, or tooth decay, dentures can be a great way to restore your appearance and protect your gums from injury. Both full and partial dentures are available and can be removable or implant-assisted.

Getting dentures takes several appointments to ensure the custom-made framework fits your teeth well and appears as natural as possible. After impressions are taken of the area to be restored, Dr. Koster sends them away to a lab for fabrication, after which you will be fitted and any adjustments will be made at a second appointment. At the third, your final dentures will be fitted, and results will be confirmed at a final follow-up appointment.


Dental implants are a permanent solution for a missing tooth, providing a strong placeholder to keep your jaw and other teeth in alignment and restoring function. Today’s dental implants can perfectly match your natural tooth color for a seamless appearance. Once in place, dental implants look and act like a normal tooth and require no special treatment besides regular brushing, flossing, and dentist cleanings.

The implant process spans four or five appointments, as Dr. Koster evaluates your condition, discusses your goals and options, and performs the procedure. The implant foundation will be inserted under anesthesia at the second appointment and allowed to settle into the jawbone and tissue for several months. Dr. Koster will add the implant to the foundation at the third appointment and may need to make adjustments to the artificial tooth. Finally, at a follow-up, she will review your recovery and appearance and address any issues that have arisen.

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For people who have lost multiple teeth that were next to each other, a dental bridge can be placed to restore function, protect the gums and jawbone, and provide a natural-looking smile. Bridges can be anchored using a dental implant technique or by being anchored to natural teeth on either side of the gap if possible.

Dental bridges have a similar procedure timeline to dental implants, whether being implanted into the jaw or anchored to neighboring teeth. This takes several months, providing permanent results at the end.

general dentistry gum disease treatments at locust valley dentists new york

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Sometimes, achieving a healthy smile can require a multi-faceted approach. Full mouth rehabilitation is designed to reconstruct your smile from the ground up when it’s subject to factors like severe injury or decay. Dr. Koster can create a personalized treatment plan using our best restorative dental treatments so you can achieve a complete, healthy smile. And, as always, our team will be here for you at every step.

general dentistry gum disease treatments at locust valley dentists new york

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" Dr. Koster is the absolute best. I wish I had found her sooner. She really cares about her patients! "

- Kelly M.

" I had a great appointment with Dr. Koster. She is really knowledgable and friendly. Not pushy like my last dentist. Highly recommend! "

- Djuro K.

" Dr Koster is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Dental Care. She also has a caring nature  I would highly recommend her. "

- Linda C.

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