Gum Disease Treatments in Locust Valley

What to Expect with Gum Disease Treatment

Often, gum disease can be treated simply with professional cleaning, just as you would have at a routine annual appointment with your dentist. However, Dr. Koster may suggest other treatment options for more advanced or severe gum disease.

Professional Teeth Cleaning 

When gum disease is still simply gingivitis, professional cleaning is typically sufficient to treat the issue. During your professional cleaning, Dr. Koster will also give you specific advice regarding maintaining your oral health at home and prevent gum disease from progressing.

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Scaling and Root Planing 

If gum disease has progressed past gingivitis, Dr. Koster will likely suggest scaling and root planing. This may require multiple visits to our Locust Valley dentist office. 

Scaling involves removing plaque and tartar from the teeth down to the bottom of the periodontal pocket, or the space between the tooth and gums, using a dental tool. This allows the tooth to heal and avoid infections within the periodontal pocket. 

Root planing follows scaling. Once the plaque and tartar have been removed from the periodontal pocket, the root surfaces of the teeth are smoothed so the gum tissue can properly heal and reattach to the teeth. 

Periodontal Surgery 

In more advanced cases of gum disease, periodontal (gum) surgery may be required. Gum surgery allows Dr. Koster to remove plaque or tartar from areas that cannot be reached otherwise. Following this step, the gums are stitched into place so they can tightly attach to the teeth. 

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Meet Dr. Koster

Prior to her work at Locust Valley Dentists, Dr. Koster worked at many of Manhattan’s top dental practices, offering her extensive experience treating gum disease in addition to a variety of dental issues. Year after year, Dr. Koster has been named a “Top New York Dentist” for her attention to detail, knowledge and expertise, continued study of the latest in dental technology, and focus on providing a positive, comfortable experience for patients.

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    Is Locust Valley Dentists right for you?

    Each appointment at Locust Valley Dentists begins with careful attention to your concerns, questions, and requests. We will review your symptoms or concerns regarding your dental health and thoroughly screen for gum disease or other issues before moving on to the best possible treatment option for you.

    We’ll Discuss:

    • What causes gum disease
    • The state of your oral health
    • Tips for maintaining the health of your gums and teeth
    • The best gum disease treatment option for you
    • Preventing gum disease in the future

    If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, don’t worry.
    At Locust Valley Dentists, we are known for being gentle, warm, and friendly. This will be the most relaxing and comfortable dental experience of your life! To decrease anxiety during treatment we offer our patients:



    Soothing music




    • Convenient office hours to fit the busiest schedules


    • There’s never any stress or judgment here


    • Our modern, calm, and relaxing office is one of a kind


    • Learn how our modern fillings improve your health and appearance

    No Insurance? No problem.

    Even if you don’t have dental insurance, you can still get the healthy and beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed about! At Locust Valley Dentists, we offer a variety of financing options. We’re here to answer all of your questions.

    Insurance & Financing

    For your filling, our office is able to work with many PPO insurance providers.

    Our friendly front office team will help you file your claim and maximize your insurance benefits. If you don’t see your provider listed or if you have questions about payment options, contact our office to learn more.

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    " Dr. Koster is a great dentist who is patient, attentive, and gentle.  She took the time to explain every treatment option available and made sure that all of my questions and concerns were addressed. The staff is very friendly and always willing to work around my schedule.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Koster for your dental care. "

    - Jeniza K.

    I love this office! Dr Koster knows what she’s doing and has great staff that are friendly and professional! What I appreciate the most is her attention to detail, looking out for my best interest and letting me know what’s happening with my health so I can take better care of myself. This Doctor is truly someone who cares about her patients!!! "

    - Renee S.

    Dr. Adrianne Koster is Amazing! She is caring, gentle, extremely personable, and provides exceptional dentistry. The staff is very professional and nice. Thank you! I love my new smile. "

    - Maria G.

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