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Your teeth encounter a vast range of physical and chemical stressors on a daily basis, from the foods you eat, the beverages you drink, and the natural processes of the body. And while your tooth enamel is the strongest, most durable substance in the body, it can be worn down over time, in some cases requiring dental treatment.

What Is Tooth Wear?

Tooth wear is a catch-all category for various kinds of tooth damage arising from either physically harming teeth or acidic compounds that dissolve tooth and gum tissue. In most cases, tooth wear is irreversible but can be treated by mitigating the causes of wear and tear and recreating lost tooth structure with fillings, crowns, or veneers.

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What Is Tooth Wear?

Many causes contribute to tooth wear and can act either alone or together to cause tooth structure loss.


Abrasive tooth wear is the physical weathering of teeth due to contact with non-tooth surfaces, such as toothbrushes or hard food. Abrasion can wear down and weaken enamel or harm and aggravate the roots of teeth. Habits or conditions that can lead to abrasive tooth wear include:

  •       Aggressive brushing, or brushing with too stiff a toothbrush
  •       Eating abrasive foods, such as seeds and nuts
  •       Aggressive use of dental floss or toothpicks
  •       Chewing habits, such as on pens or fingernails
  •       Tooth contact with lip or mouth jewelry, such as lip rings and tongue piercings
  •       Frequent placement and removal of hard mouthpieces, such as partial dentures and retainers

Abrasion to either the crown or roots of teeth can be corrected by a number of therapies, depending on the cause of the abrasion. Dr. Koster can diagnose tooth wear during a routine checkup and determine the most effective course of treatment, which may include dental bonding or crowns.


Tooth-on-tooth contact is one of the most common causes of tooth wear. Most often, it comes in the form of tooth grinding or bruxism. Attrition can also be caused through daily tooth contact when chewing or clenching teeth.

Jaw clenching can also damage teeth by placing undue stress on the most vulnerable parts of the tooth structure. Teeth are regularly subjected to the pressure of 10-15 pounds throughout a normal day, and clenching can reach forces up to 10 times that amount.

Whatever the cause of tooth wear by attrition, Locust Valley Dentistry can help alleviate your symptoms and heal worn teeth. For treating tooth grinding, whether during the day or while sleeping, Dr. Koster can provide a custom-fitting mouth guard for nighttime use or give exercises on relaxing the jaw and changing your behavior.


The mouth environment must keep a balanced pH for the proper function and protection of the teeth, tongue, and gums. When it becomes too acidic, the enamel and gum tissue can be dissolved, weakening teeth and causing gums to recede.

Acid comes from many common foods and drinks, including soda, lemonade, and fruit juice. In addition, stomach acid is highly caustic and regurgitation can contribute to dental erosion. Finally, some polluted environments, such as mines or battery manufacturing plants can have acidic air, which can enter the body and harm teeth.

When teeth are being eroded by acidic compounds, treatment may include eliminating or reducing tooth exposure to acidic substances through lifestyle changes, as well as correcting the bite with a wide variety of dental treatments.

How to Treat Tooth Wear

If you think you have worn-down teeth, the first place to start is with an examination and evaluation with Dr. Adrianne Koster. She will identify the signs and causes of tooth wear and create a personalized dental treatment plan to help correct tooth damage due to wear as well as instruct you on how to reduce further damage in the future.

How Can Patients Help Prevent Tooth Wear?

Some tooth wear and tear over time is natural and unavoidable—it’s why our teeth are structured the way they are, with the hardest substance in our body protecting vital bone tissue within the tooth. Excess tooth wear can be prevented by avoiding the leading causes of severe tooth decay. Cutting out sugary and acidic foods and drinks, refraining from chewing habits, especially on hard substances, and finding a solution to teeth grinding are the most common ways to avoid tooth wear.

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