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The teenage years bring a slew of changes both physical and mental to young people. Among them are changes to their oral health and a new fixation on the appearance of their teeth and smile. Locust Valley Dentistry is here to help you navigate the fraught years of your children’s teens.

    Are the Dental Needs of a Teenager Different from a Child?

    The most important dental need at any age is proper oral hygiene habits, including good brushing and flossing technique. This can be more difficult for teens to adjust to, as they gain independence and may consider brushing and flossing irrelevant. This is why early education from both the parents and Dr. Koster is important to cementing good habits early on to protect kids’ dental health.

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      What Kind of Cosmetic Dentistry is Appropriate for a Teenager?

      As teens become more aware of their appearance and tie their self-esteem to how they look, dress, and smile, they may encounter a need for cosmetic dentistry. There’s no reason to not undergo cosmetic procedures as a teen, although some services may not be recommended if they’re also undergoing treatment for misaligned teeth, such as braces or Invisalign.

      Cosmetic procedures for teens offered at Locust Valley Dentistry include bonding (to close gaps or adjust the shape of teeth), porcelain veneers (to restore misshapen or uneven teeth), and Zoom whitening (to brighten and whiten smiles).

      How Do I Know if My Teen is a Candidate for Braces?

      The best way to know if your child can benefit from treatment with braces is to talk to a Long Island dentist, who can examine their teeth and recommend a treatment plan. In some cases where minimal correction is needed, Invisalign can be used instead of traditional braces. No matter what, know that there are more options today for aesthetically pleasing braces, such as ceramic ones, to provide a straight, beautiful smile without unsightly braces.

      What to Know About Wisdom Teeth

      Wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to come in, and usually start erupting around age 17-20. Some teens may be able to opt not to remove them, but most young adults either don’t have enough room in their mouth or have wisdom teeth that are coming in sideways, requiring their removal. Dr. Koster will monitor your teen’s wisdom teeth during regular examinations and refer you to an oral surgeon when the time is right to get them removed.

      What to Know About Wisdom Teeth

      We understand that some kids just like to play it rough. Anyone playing a contact sport like football or hockey should wear a good mouthguard to prevent this from happening in the first place. Dr. Koster can recommend a tight-fitting mouthguard during an appointment. However, accidents happen, even in other sports and activities, and sometimes kids will lose a tooth.

      When this happens, call us immediately. We can walk you through steps to re-insert the tooth after carefully cleaning it of any dirt and debris. If you cannot find the tooth or if the tooth is broken or damaged, we can assist in restorative dentistry to help give your child the look and function of a full set of teeth.

      How Does Smoking or Vaping Affect My Teen’s Oral Health?

      We’ve known for a long time that smoking has all kinds of negative side effects on your lungs, heart, and mouth, and we always recommend teens not to smoke to avoid these medical and cosmetic downsides. Smoking causes issues such as yellow stains, tooth decay, and contributes to the risk of mouth cancer.

      Less research has been done on vaping although the harmful artificial chemicals present are suggested to be just as damaging in the long term as smoking.

      How Often Does My Teenager Need to See the Dentist?

      We recommend young patients see the dentist once every six months for regular cleanings and examinations by Dr. Koster. In some cases, we may schedule additional checkups or refer you to an orthodontist that will increase the number of appointments you’ll need to make, but usually, six months is all that’s needed for most healthy smiles.

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      Meet Dr. Koster

      Building a positive relationship with dental health (and the dentist) starts at a very young age. Dr. Adrianne Koster of Locust Valley Dentists is a kid-friendly children’s dentist who helps patients of all ages feel welcomed and relaxed. Her focus is on creating an environment where young patients feel comfortable asking questions about their health and develop an understanding of how their dentist can help them.

      Every visit to Locust Valley Dentists is thoughtfully designed to increase your child’s interest in their dental health.

      Dr. Koster is a graduate of The State University at Stony Brook Dental School. She completed her General Practice Residency at the Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, where she treated an underserved community and continued to develop her approach to caring for kids and adults. During her early career, she worked at several prestigious Manhattan practices. She brings her experience, education, and expertise to Locust Valley Dentists, creating a kid-friendly practice beloved by parents and kids alike.

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      No Insurance? No problem.

      You and your child don’t need dental insurance to get world-class care from our kid-friendly dentists. At Locust Valley Dentists, we work with our patients and offer a variety of financing options. Wondering how much your child’s dental appointment will cost? We’re here to answer all of your questions.

      Insurance & Financing

      Our office works closely with parents and guardians to explain insurance benefits. We are able to work with many PPO insurance providers.

      Our friendly front office team will help you file a claim for your child’s care and maximize your insurance benefits. If you have questions about payment options, contact our office to learn more.

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      " Dr. Koster is a great dentist who is patient, attentive, and gentle.  She took the time to explain every treatment option available and made sure that all of my questions and concerns were addressed. The staff is very friendly and always willing to work around my schedule.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Koster for your dental care. "

      - Jeniza K.

      I love this office! Dr Koster knows what she’s doing and has great staff that are friendly and professional! What I appreciate the most is her attention to detail, looking out for my best interest and letting me know what’s happening with my health so I can take better care of myself. This Doctor is truly someone who cares about her patients!!! "

      - Renee S.

      Dr. Adrianne Koster is Amazing! She is caring, gentle, extremely personable, and provides exceptional dentistry. The staff is very professional and nice. Thank you! I love my new smile. "

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