Dear Friends and Patients,

I hope this message finds you well and safe!!! We are happy to announce that Governor Cuomo has now allowed all dentists in New York State to re-open to routine care. As of today, we are fully open and ready to resume full dental care.

We now have new office protocols that will ensure your safety and that of our staff. You can expect:

  • Screening questions prior to your visit
  • Temperature reading prior to being seated
  • Hand sanitizer application prior to being seated
  • Air purification
  • Use of a fogger with hypochlorous acid (a chemical that is 50% more effective at killing viruses than bleach yet not as caustic)
  • Longer appointments to ensure minimal contact with other patients

If you have a scheduled cleaning or treatment appointment, we will confirm with you as usual via text. 

If you missed an appointment during this time and would like to re-schedule, please reach out to us so that we can get you in. Call us at (516) 759-2288.

If you are in need of care or have a friend or family member who would like to visit our office, we are now open and ready to resume our regular hours. 

We look forward to seeing you back in our office.

– Dr. Koster & Dr. Johnnidis

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Her colleagues describe her as a perfectionist with an unparalleled eye for detail. Her patients describe her as warm, caring, and attentive. It’s always Dr. Koster’s goal to provide outstanding treatment for her patients as well as to educate them on their own dental health while exploring all treatment options.